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30 Bikes

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 18" x 24"
6-color screen print
Numbered First Edition of 100
100lb natural (off-white) stock
Note: colors on-screen may vary slightly on actual print

This screen print was created for 30 Days of Biking in 2012. There are 30 different types of bicycles throughout this image. Each bike featured is designed for a variety of different types of riding styles and eras. If you're into huge front wheels, there's a Penny Farthing for you. If you're into cargo bikes, there's a Bekfiets for you too!

Two more fun facts on this print. One, each tier/layer of bicycles has a background that features various environments you might find yourself riding through. Everything from cityscapes, to railroads, to mountainous forests are featured. And two, there are 6 colors that make up this screen print. Five blues, and one yellow. The yellow layer prints on top of all the blues to create shades and tints of green.