Varsity Theater

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18" x 24"
3-color screenprint
100lb natural cover
Note: colors on-screen may vary slightly on actual print

Many events take place at the beautiful Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I do customization on the marquee for weddings and special occasions. The image gallery shows a few examples. The customization is done in black India ink with a brush. "You can have any color you want as long as it's BLACK!" No special images or extravagantly-long phrases.

Please add the exact wording on separate lines in the COMMENTS SECTION when purchasing.

OCT. 27, 1964

Note: Keep it short and sweet, everything will need to fit on the marquee.

If you have a picture/image of how the marquee should read I’d love the example. Please email the image to

Expect 1-2 weeks from purchase date to fulfillment, and will depend on studio scheduling.