Team Turman

Sarah Allen is the right hand for this left-handed artist. Sarah likes, and wears many hats at our studio: Sales manager, customer service lead, project accounts manager, and the first point of contact for all clients & customers. If you have a question about art or our creative process, she can answer it. If you have inquires about what we do and how we do it, she can answer those questions, too. She is the organization of our small business. Creative ideas, broad perspectives, and enthusiasm come through with our philosophy of keeping customers and clients happy while she is on the task.



Julie Swenson is the director of all things merchandise at Team Turman. If any of our clients, retailers, or organizations we work with need products created and produced, she’s our go-to. She can help with managing existing or custom merchandise for any business/organization, public and private. Adam and Julie have worked together for years producing his artwork on everything from drinkware and apparel to rubber bands. We’ll produce our art on just about anything, as long as the final product looks fantastic. Julie has worked in the retail, merchandise, and souvenir markets for years. She has a vast knowledge of all sorts of products, and is always exploring new product bodies for Adam’s art.




We call in Team Turman to bring the show on the road! Here are a few of the fine folks we call friends for such events as the MN State Fair, the Uptown Art Fair, Holiday Markets or just one of the Studio Sales. 

Any inquiries about starting a project with Adam or producing art on merchandise, or purchasing existing products, please visit our contact page or call the studio 763-270-0739.