Downtown Mpls - SD

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11" x 14"
5-color screenprint
100lb natural (off-white) stock

This print has black ink pin holes from the latest print run. These are NOT signed. See Detail Photo.

Scratch and Dent (SD) screen prints have minor blemishes and/or imperfections. Most of the time I'm the only one who really knows what's wrong with the print... and sometimes I can't figure out what it is. Overall, SD prints look great but we reduce the price because they didn't make the final cut.

Scratch and Dent screen prints may include:
• Print edition overrun
• End of the edition
• Dented paper corners/creases in the paper
• Screen pin holes
• Ink is off registration
• There may be an "X" written in pencil on one of the lower corners or other minor marks
• The print just didn't make the final cut for some reason
These screen prints are NOT hand-signed. A screen printed signature is within each image.