Two years in the making, and add in a seasonal delay, the Hwy 246 pedestrian tunnels mural project finally began in the summer of 2021. This project was an RFQ that came into my inbox, and I am fortunate to have won this project that has been my largest collective mural project to date. Each tunnel is shown below, enjoy!


The Cannon River flows through this tunnel like it’s namesake runs through Northfield and along Southeastern Minnesota. Leaves and trees outline and define the shore as the river flows under the #112 Pedestrian bridge in Downtown. Kayakers paddle while passing ruins of Archibald Mill a unique perspective of the history of the area. The blues of water run through to each entrance view.


The Nerstrand Big Woods tunnel highlights this beautiful state park. The Minnesota Dwarf Trout Lily flowers blossom while the waterfall flows heavily in the spring. A rock cairn stands tall in front of the stepping stone bridge and wild Geraniums bring a splash of color. The bright green colors exclaim “spring is here” in Nerstrand Big Woods State Park.


Wildflowers galore! Minnesota prairies are filled with beautiful pollinating flowers. A Monarch Butterfly finds a Blazing Star, while Wild Daisies sunbathe. Coreopsis welcomes trail users and a bee collects pollen on Echinacea. Can you feel the sun in the bright yellows and oranges of summertime in the Prairie Biome?


Paying tribute the abundance of wildlife found in Oak Savannas as well as some of the best bird-watching that can be found in this Biome. An American Kestrels soar and a Pileated Woodpecker hammers and forages. A Barred Owl scans for food, while a Black-Capped Chickadee sways on a branch in the wind. The orange and brown colors celebrate the Autumn season, and nature’s show of leaves changing color.