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Custom Illustrations

Get creative with custom illustration services from Minneapolis artist Adam Turman. 

Custom Illustrations by Adam Turman

Welcome to my world of custom illustrations. I'm all about unlocking a world of creative possibilities with my custom illustration services. From nailing the tiny details that make small projects pop to turning spaces into eye-catching experiences and crafting monumental visuals that command attention – there's no creative limit here.  

Custom illustrations span a broad range of projects. These could include eye-catching event materials that set the stage for memorable gatherings, compelling graphics or poster designs that engage and inspire, unique logo designs that become the face of a brand and dynamic marketing materials that help you tell your story in a visually captivating way. Custom illustrations provide a powerful tool to convey your identity, messages, and values in a creative and impactful manner. 

The real magic happens when we collaborate. I take your ideas and transform them into a visual masterpiece that goes beyond mere art—it's your unique story, your brand, your personal narrative brought to life. I'm dedicated to helping your vision become a reality. 

From the initial concept to the final masterpiece, I add a splash of vibrancy and depth. Whether your preferences gravitate towards the whimsical and fun— or the bold and daring, the result is always an exclusive reflection of you. Installation? Not a problem. I'll oversee a smooth process to ensure your space undergoes a seamless and captivating transformation. 

Ready to get started? Let's chat. Reach out and share your ideas, whether they're just scribbles on a napkin or ambitious concepts. Let’s work together to bring your concepts to life. 

FAQs About Custom Illustrations

What types of projects are suitable for custom illustrations by Adam Turman? 

I'm open to a wide range of projects with my custom illustration services. Whether it's crafting small-scale designs for invitations and posters or tackling larger installations on buildings, I'm all in. Your project could be a personal event, a branding campaign, or a transformation of public space. Custom illustrations are versatile and can be tailored to fit your unique needs. 

How does the collaboration process work?  

Collaboration is the name of the game. We kick it off by delving into your vision, goals, and what you're drawn to artistically. Your ideas become the fuel for my creative fire. Through regular communication, I make sure the final piece is exactly what you had in mind. 

What is the timeline for a custom illustration project?  

Timelines can vary depending on the project's complexity and scale. After our initial consultation, I'll provide you with an estimated timeline, covering everything from concept development to illustration creation and, if needed, installation. 

Can I choose the style and theme of the illustration? 

Absolutely! I'm all about versatility. I can groove to a variety of styles and themes. Whether you're into lively, whimsical designs or aiming for a more refined, sophisticated look, your chosen style and theme will come through while still bearing my signature artistic flair. 

Can I have my custom illustration printed on various materials? 

Certainly, we can discuss the best materials for printing based on your intended use. Whether it's paper, fabric, vinyl, or other surfaces, I'll make sure the illustration looks fantastic on your chosen material. 

What is the process for large-scale installations?  

For larger installations like those on buildings or interior spaces, the process involves a site assessment, sizing, scaling the illustration, printing, and professional installation. My background in mural creation ensures that the installation process is carried out with precision and expertise. 

What is the difference between a mural and a custom illustrated vinyl installation? 

While murals are hand-painted directly onto surfaces, custom illustrated vinyl installations involve printing the illustration on vinyl sheets that are then professionally installed. Vinyl installations offer a versatile and durable solution for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Can I see examples of previous custom illustration projects? 

Of course! Explore my portfolio below/above to see a diverse array of custom illustration projects I've completed. Each project showcases my creativity and ability to adapt to different styles and themes. If you have a particular idea in mind that you don't see in my online portfolio, just reach out. We might have some similar examples offline that we can share with you. 

How do I get started with a custom illustration project? 

Getting started is easy. Simply reach out to us via the contact form or by emailing We'll set up an initial consultation to discuss your ideas, goals, and project details. From there, I'll guide you through the collaborative process to bring your custom illustration to life. 

Can I incorporate branding elements into the custom illustration? 

Absolutely! Custom illustrations are a fantastic way to include branding elements such as logos, color schemes, and messaging. I'll work closely with you to ensure the illustration aligns seamlessly with your brand identity. Check out my portfolio below to see how I've incorporated branding into illustrated projects for Pepsi, Red Bull, SPAM, and more. 

What if I have a unique idea that I haven't seen before? 

I love unique and innovative ideas! My artistic expertise allows me to translate even the most unique concepts into stunning visual narratives. Feel free to share your idea during our consultation, and we'll work together to bring your vision to life. Let's make something truly special. 

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