The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota boasts some amazing performances while being one of the most iconic buildings in the metro area of the Twin Cities. It was a true honor to paint a mural on the 8th floor. The 8th floor houses multi-purpose rooms for everything from meetings to conferences to performance practice spaces. The mural brings a life to what was considered a dull hallway.

The mighty river flows just outside the Guthrie's Milling-District walls. The mural's concept stems from the Mississippi river and depicts the flow of a small spring to the current of a river to a body of water large enough to span a bridge across. Throughout the mural are floating leaves and other Guthrie-esque icons. The negative space at the end (right side) of the mural depicts the wing of an eagle, which Mr. Guthrie was known to be nicknamed.

Guthrie 8th Floor Mural from Adam Turman on Vimeo.