Hyland Ski Chalet Staircase

This mural was so much fun to create! The colors are amazing and dynamic - and a vibrant palette I love. Working with creative direction from The Teen Council of Three Rivers Park District and the Hyland Hills Staff was a new experience and a wonderful process - we made a great team!

The Three Rivers Park District, an organization that owns and maintains numerous city park, lakes, bike trails, nature centers and reserves, manages Hyland Hills. Hyland Hills is a metropolitan ski and snowboard park located in Bloomington, Minnesota. This resort, if you can call it that, is small but mighty. 

Hylands consists of three lifts, and a tow rope, but most importantly, is home to one of the Midwest's best terrain parks. Getting rad on the slope is a must for every lift ticket purchaser at Hyland Hills. It's amazing how many skiers and snowboards use the slopes at any given time/day during the winter season. 

Even off season, Hyland Hills is packed with users. The hill is the perfect training ground for endurance runners, family picnics, weekend and avid walkers and runners, and many High Schools use the hill for training for cross country running. While I worked on the mural I met many endurance runners who were training to compete in the Superior Hiking Trail's 100 mile race. 

It was a real pleasure for me to work on this mural at Hyland Hills. I've been a fan of Hylands since I've been a little kid. I skied there when I was 10 years old, I got season passes in High School and College, and my daughters learned how to ski and snowboard on that hill. It was like returning home when I got to paint the entrance wall. Let's get out there, shred and get rad.