JC Penny Lower Restroom Hallway
Minneapolis Great Blue Heron Skyline
Rosedale lands right in between Minneapolis and St Paul. As a result you’ll find Minneapolis and St Paul represented Adam’s work throughout the Mall. Here, Adam created a view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline with it’s recognizable landmarks and bridges— this view mixes it up a bit, adding a touch of wilderness with a Great Blue Heron to contrast with the Grain Belt sign— shown with it’s new set of lights. The bright, sunny day is a perfect backdrop to show off the iconic Minneapolis skyline. For a time lapse video courtesy of Rosedale Center, hop over to YouTube here>>

Herberger’s Lower Restroom Hallway
Minnesota and it’s 10,000-plus lakes are to be enjoyed by everyone— whether at your special cabin, at your special lake, or one the lakes the Twin Cities has to offer. Minnesotans enjoy the lake atmosphere and the scenery that comes along with it. The Redwing Blackbird, Loons, dock and sailboats are the key elements to enjoying a lakeside landscape. 

Herberger’s Upper Restroom Hallway
St. Paul Landmarks
The harvest colors of the St Paul landmarks allows you to imagine an early morning or catching the sun as it sets behind the skyline. Coneflowers burst with colors, Monarchs and a Hummingbird enjoy the blooms. The natural prairie features are a contrast to the St Paul building icons. The mural mixes those elements to convey a feeling or tone of what we’d like to have together— but may not necessarily logically ever be together.

JC Penny’s Upper Restroom Hallway
This is Up North
Right as the sun is setting on this scene, the moon pops out next to Split Rock Lighthouse. Woodland creatures appear to create a landscape of all the elements that you think of as being a true “Up North” feeling. If you are lucky enough you can hear an owl hooting, see a white-tailed deer and maybe a Moose will pop out of the shadows. This mural features the twilight colors that Adam absolutely loves.