The hotel chain Radisson and Art Force reached out to Adam to creating a large mural in the lobby of the Radisson Red in Downtown Minneapolis. This 1,200+ square foot mural spans the entire lobby, continues on to the bar area-- wrapping around the overhang, and then returns to the far end of the lobby, extending through the dining area to the windows on the farthest wall of the hotel. It's huge, and cannot be photographed in a single shot. 

The concepts shows a murder of crows flying over I-394 in Minneapolis. This murder of crows lands right by the Basilica of Saint Mary and Interstate 394 each night and is something that is distinctive Minneapolis, but not an obvious icon. You have to have witnessed their landing or have lived in Minneapolis to have experienced it. The brand manager for Radisson specifically requested that we paint the crows because they are something that he loves about the city. We are no stranger to Minnesota iconography, but thanks to some stellar creative collaboration with the client, this project let us look at one of our favorite subjects from a new angle.



Radisson Red Minneapolis - Adam Turman Mural from Adam Turman on Vimeo.