The UA Minneapolis Plumbers Union Local 15 headquarters moved its operation to a new state-of-the-art facility in 2021. They relocated from Minneapolis, just north to Maple Grove. This new location is central to Local 15's Minneapolis and St. Cloud members.

The new facility was designed my Aliiance, a Minneapolis-based architecture firm. The building includes numerous classrooms, labs, training facilities, and a huge meeting area where the Union holds their member meetings.

There's a large break room for the members to congregate, talk shop, grab a snack, and simply relax. I was hired by both Alliiance and Plumbers Local 15 to create a large mural in the break room for the members.

 This mural is all things union plumber-related. There's a nod to the history of plumbing in Minneapolis with the Lumber Exchange Building, the wooden pipe, the Foshay Tower and lead pipe repair. Modern plumbing is depicted through hard hats, safety glasses, copper soldering, and US Bank stadium, one of the newest largest buildings in downtown Minneapolis. Many of the elements in the mural are inspired from historic photos Local 15 provided and references from their new facility. 

There is large amount of pride that working in the trades and being part of a union provides. This mural honors the plumbing trade and Local 15 union members and the great work they've done and continue to do. 

"Protecting the health of the nation."