Yamamoto contacted me to do a couple of murals in their new space. They have 2 areas on their floor that had huge walls (West wall approx. 30x15' and East wall approx 15x15'). Yamamoto has their offices and cubicles set in the middle and surrounding each area. Each area had separate disciplines from finance to design. So each mural had to represent the mission of Yamamoto as well as appeal to the discipline in each area.

The West wall is more of calm end of the building and depicts a figure giving flight to leaves out of her hand. The idea being that Yamamoto spawns ideas and takes them to the next level for their clients.

The East wall's concept is that of being driven. Let's GO! was the theme of this wall. A nice perk is that the lunch room, a great place to GO, is behind that wall.

Go Yamamoto.