Radio K wanted me to create a logo that would give them the flavor and feel of their original logo from '93. The new logo needed to incorporate things like their new call signals, their new color palette (blue), and have a coolness factor to it that "the kids" would respond to.

I was originally asked to create a bumper sticker design. So I took the feel of their original logo and added Joe Strummer's bass from the London Calling album to it and BOOM, there's a bumper sticker for you.

Radio K liked it so much that they decided to make a version of that bumper sticker their new logo. I did numerous version of it with and without the bass so they have plenty of options for any type of usage they want for their logo.

As the kids got cooler over at the station, they started to take the show on the road! Insert Turman to design their fleet  - and over the years - 2 vehicles! What fun to wrap the vehicle in musical equipment, lightning bolts, stars, and broken records, and then give the upgrade a new look, too! An all-around fun project, and the end result proved to be very eye-catching when rolling around town or parked in front of a Radio K sponsored event!