When the SPAM/Hormel Museum in Austin, Minnesota reached out to Team Turman about creating a mural in their new museum, we jumped at the opportunity. Yes we CAN. We love SPAM and the SPAM Brand. 

The new museum is in downtown Austin, Minnesota. It has a clean, modern look, and is a complete update from the original SPAM Museum. Many similar attractions and displays are used in the new museum, however, the vibe and overall theme of the new space is technically advanced. SPAM has history, and updated museum shows off a new look with keeping the historic tradition and iconography alive.

Creative Direction came from BBDO to help SPAM create a fun, lively, mural in the Kid's area of the SPAM museum. The theme of the Kid's CAN area was to celebrate farming and agriculture. The area is filled with a playhouse, grill, and picnic table (not pictured) to drive home the concept of farm to table.

The team was given the task of creating a farm scene with everything from a windmill to a John Deere tractor to a scarecrow with pumpkins. This mural enhances the overall atmosphere of the landscape that represents the city of Austin and its surroundings.