Tall Grass Liquor is a municipal liquor store owned and operated by the city of Marshall, Minnesota. Marshall only has one liquor store so it was a huge honor to let us beautify the two spaces within the store. The first mural was directly above the wine alcove. Tall Grass wanted to highlight the culture and industry of Marshall along with wine. Prairie grass, flowers, and Pheasants are prominent in Southern Minnesota. Farming and open fields cover the area.

The second mural was directly above the beer alcove in Tall Grass Liquor. The direction on this mural was to depict icons of the city of Marshall, Minnesota. Marshall had many of its firefighters help in the 911 World Trade Center cleanup. The beam pictured on the far left of the mural is an actual part of the World Trade Center Buildings that fell in the attacks. This beam is memorialized in Marshall's downtown square. The arch with the clock represents decorative elements the city has used throughout their main street and downtown. The woman greeting you with a pint is Tall Grass's interpretation of Mrs. Whitney, an icon of Marshall who's represented in the form of a statue in Marshall's downtown square.