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Along the Lake

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I created this image of Minnesota's iconic North Shore because I love it! I Love the Big Lake and all of it's treasures and all the memories of vacations Up North with my family. I can't wait to go back!

Note: colors on-screen may vary slightly on actual print


Our screen prints are all printed by Adam in-house at our studio. Screen printing is a process where ink is forced through a mesh screen onto archival paper. Making certain areas of the screen impervious to printing ink thus creating a stencil, which blocks the printing ink from passing through the screen. The ink that passes through forms the printed image. Each screen print is made up of multiple layers/screens of ink that may print on top of one another to form multiple colors (i.e. printing yellow over blue will create a green color). 

Each screen print is slightly unique because of the hand-quality of screen printing process. All screen prints are hand-signed and dated by Adam.

Along the Lake Screen Print
11" x 14" & 18” x 24"
5-color screenprint
130lb white stock

Information on framed 11" x 14" screen prints.
*Outside frame dimensions are 13”x16”
**Framed screen prints ship 5 business days from order date.