Autumn Ride (2011)


18" x 24"
Numbered Edition of 75
4-color screenprint
100lb natural (off-white) stock
Note: colors on-screen may vary slightly on actual print

I love this print. It's one of my favorites. OK, two stories about this print.

One, the art was originally created for Bicycle Times magazine for a Fall cover back in 2011. I turned the art into this 4-color screen print to celebrate Autumn rides, with the leaves falling and pumpkins on front porches, and the sun setting earlier in the day.

The second story is that this art was the first screen print I made on my (now retired) semi-automatic screen printer. Before 2011, all of my screen prints were printed by me physically pulling a squeegee across each sheet of paper. That fatigue starts to wear on ones' body. I found a 1982 V-22 Medalist (for all you screen print nerds out there) put some elbow grease into cleaning it up and installing some new parts and tuning it up and used that printer for 10 years. Autumn Ride was the first screen I made on that old machine. It was a huge change, the learning curve was steep, but I created a ton of art on that great 80's printer. Thanks V-22 Medalist for helping me with Autumn Ride.