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Chickadees are just so d&%# cute! They're fluffy and chubby and I want to hold them and squeeze them and... Also, they're very into themselves. They use their own name in their call "Chicka-Dee-Dee-Dee" for crying out loud! I hear their calls all the time in my backyard, so it seemed as though they were prompting me to put one of them in my Woodland Series of screen prints. Fine, done. And my pleasure.

12" x 12"
4-color screen print, including metallic silver
100lb white cover stock
This is an open edition (all prints are signed and dated)
Note: colors on-screen may vary slightly on actual print

*Framed screen prints ship 5 business days from order date.
**Outside frame dimensions are 14x14”

Screen Prints are professionally framed in Northern Minnesota. This solid wood frame with a black veneer is backed with acid free foam core. The screen print is protected from fading using Conservation Glass which blocks harmful UV rays. Sent complete with wire to hang, the entire back of the frame is paper sealed to keep dust and grime out. Thanks to our Partners at FrameUp!