Hey BooBoo


To purchase the original painting, contact the Arboretum Membership Desk (612)301-1257

Prints available on Paper, Metal, Canvas. New Framing Options for Paper Prints! 36"x36" pieces are limited editions of 10, signed and dated by Adam.

Sometimes I like to reimagine my favorite pieces of art that I’ve created. This bear is one of them. The original art, titled “Bulky” was made a few years ago of a bear resting its head on some gnarly claws, and rather sweet-looking. Having the chance to work in a larger size gave me space to put the bear in a new scene with a vintage Thermos, picnic basket, and a green brimmed hat.

This painting is Inspired by the legendary cartoon characters I watched growing up, Yogi and his pal, Boo Boo, who were always trying to steal camper’s food. “Hey Boo Boo!”