Mighty Mississippi


24" x 18"
5-color screenprint
130lb white stock
Note: colors on-screen may vary slightly on actual print

My family and I have enjoyed many summer days on the Mighty Mississippi. Whether we're on the Minnesota side or the Wisconsin side, there's always great views of the Miss. and the beautiful wildlife that it attracts. My wife's family has a boathouse on the Mississippi. Hanging out at the boathouse is one of my all-time favorite summer-time (and anytime really) activities if you consider lounging in a deck chair, sipping on a bev and occasionally taking a dip in the river an activity.

This is a colorful reboot to the original 2016 version- it was originally only a 3-color print. I loved it so much I added in a Monarch Butterfly, a dragonfly and completely redrew the boathouses and pontoons that cruise the river.