Night Kettle


To purchase the original painting, contact the Arboretum Membership Desk (612)301-1257

Prints available on Paper, Metal, Canvas. New Framing Options for Paper Prints! 40"x60" pieces are limited editions of 10, signed and dated by Adam.

When I told a buddy of mine about  my theme and title for this show (Did You See That?) he said,"You know what you should do? Do a play on Edward Hopper’s NightHawks, but with actual hawks” 

I thought that was pretty funny, and Night Kettle was created. Did you know a group of hawks is called a Kettle? 

Each hawk featured is native to Minnesota, from left to right: Swainson’s, Cooper’s, Red Shouldered, Red-Tailed. The Red-Tailed hawk is pouring tea from a kettle and into classic Jadeite mugs.