The Call of the Loon


To purchase the original painting, contact the Arboretum Membership Desk (612)301-1257

Prints available on Paper, Metal, Canvas. New Framing Options for Paper Prints! 40"x60" pieces are limited editions of 10, signed and dated by Adam.

I wanted to paint a loon, because I love loons. I love their handsome markings, and I always respect their calls. Everytime I hear them, I’ll stop what I’m doing, shut up, and listen. I’ll always take a call from a Loon.

Me being me, I took the Loon call a creative step further by asking, what if the Loon was calling from one of those original “Brick” cell phones from the 80s. You know, the kind that they used on Miami Vice or Magnum P.I.? And there ya go. Would you take a call from this Loon? Oh for sure!